Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Defending the rights and broadening the freedoms of family farms and protecting
consumer access to raw milk and nutrient dense foods.
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Consumer Membership
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Membership is open to consumers throughout the United States who wish to protect their rights to engage in direct commerce with farmers and artisan food producers in obtaining nutrient-dense foods produced through non-toxic practices. Likewise, such consumers also seek to defend the rights of farmers and artisan food producers to provide these foods direct to consumers and affiliate communities.

Thank you for helping us to further our mission.


Annual Membership: $50

Payment Plans: $13.75/quarter or $5.25/month

Payment Plans include a small annual service charge of $5.00 for the quarterly plan or $13 for the monthly plan. Auto Renew is an option for seamless membership; this option is required for payment plans.

Apply online, or download the Membership Application to mail in.

Renew your membership.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Membership provides consumers with the following:

Legal Defense
Potential legal representation to defend your access to raw milk and other healthy products directly from the farmer and artisan food producers.

Consistent with Internal Revenue Service regulations, we cannot guarantee representation in every case. However, in practice, we will come to the aid of our members to protect and advance the rights of all to grow, raise, prepare, provide, purchase and consume nutrient-dense foods.

Our 24-hour hotline for legal emergencies any time of day or night.

Participation in direct commerce knowing that lobbying and advocacy are available in the event of government interference.

Sound Advice
Advice on federal, state and local agriculture and health department regulations affecting direct distribution of farm products.

Accurate Information
Access to information on legal and regulatory issues that could affect your right to provide and obtain nutritious farm products. This includes access to the Members Only site, which includes other educational items and example documents. Future plans include developing a legal clearinghouse.

In addition, all Consumer members receive a copy of the Safe Handling - Consumer's Guide: Preserving the Quality of Fresh, Unprocessed Whole Milk  by Peggy Beals. 

All members enjoy a 15% discount on all shopping cart purchases from our online store.

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Consumer Membership
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Other Memberships

Artisan Food Producers

Affiliate Communities

Non-Member Consulting
For those farmers who have a
philosophical objection to
membership in an organization
that engages in litigation, they
may enter into a non-member
consulting agreement with the
Fund to obtain all the services
and benefits offered except
legal representation

Examples of such persons
include farmers from the
Mennonite, Amish or other Anabaptist faiths.

Gift Handbook
Consumer members are eligible to receive a FREE copy of Safe Handling - Consumer's Guide by Peggy Beals'
Safe Handling - Consumers' Guide