Affiliate Community Membership

Membership is open to communities throughout the United States, such as consumer groups obtaining food directly from farmers and artisan food producers. Such communities seek to defend the rights of farmers and artisan food producers to provide these foods direct to consumers.

A community qualifying for Affiliate membership is a formal or loosely organized group of farmers and/or consumers that engages in and/or supports direct-to-consumer distribution of farm products and artisan foods. Examples include buyers clubs, food co-ops, farmers co-ops, farmers markets, community supported agriculture (CSAs), and sustainable agriculture non-profits.

The associated members of an Affiliate are invited to join the Fund and, for their first year of membership, receive a 20% discount (i.e., $40 for Consumers; $100 for Farmers and Artisan Food Producers). If you are part of an Affiliate Community ask about the membership discount.

Thank you for helping us to further our mission.

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Annual Membership: $250 minimum
The minimum of $250 covers up to 50 associated members of an Affiliate community. For communities with more than fifty associated members, add $5/person beyond the first 50. If you have any questions, please call us at 703-208-3276 or email [email protected]

Payment Plans: No options are available for this category of membership since the associated membership is likely to fluctuate.

Apply online, or call 703-208-3276 to complete the application by phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Membership provides affiliates with the following:

Legal Defense

Potential legal representation to defend your community’s access to raw milk and other healthy products directly from farmers and artisan food producers.

Consistent with Internal Revenue Service regulations, we cannot guarantee representation in every case. However, in practice, we will come to the aid of our members to protect and advance the rights of all to grow, raise, prepare, provide, purchase and consume nutrient-dense foods.


Our 24-hour hotline for legal emergencies any time of day or night.


Participation in direct commerce knowing that lobbying and advocacy are available in the event of government interference.

Sound Advice

Advice on federal, state and local agriculture and health department regulations affecting direct distribution of farm products and artisan foods.

Accurate Information

Access to information on legal and regulatory issues that could affect your right to provide and obtain nutritious farm products and artisan foods. This includes access to the Members Only site, which includes other educational items and example documents. Future plans include developing a legal clearinghouse.

In addition, all Affiliate members receive a copy of the Food Club and Co-op Handbook by John Moody.

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