Raw Milk Nation – Interactive Map

State-by-State* Review of Raw Milk Laws

June 21, 2013

State-by-State* Review of Raw Milk Laws

*  Other forms of raw milk distribution may also be allowed in any particular state.
** There is no law either legalizing or prohibiting herd shares. State is aware herd share programs currently exist and has taken no action to try to stop them.

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Note: Some states (in bold) are in more than one category.

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Raw milk laws are a hodgepodge in this country; due mainly to the federal ban on raw milk for human consumption in interstate commerce, the laws are different state to state. This chart goes into more detail than the Raw Milk Nation Map by summarizing the specific laws for each state. If there is a stated legal limit on the number of lactating animals producing milk or the volume of milk sold each month, the chart will reflect that.

The sale of raw pet milk is legal in just about every state if the producer has a commercial feed license or its equivalent or has otherwise fulfilled state requirements to sell pet milk. Most states, however, will not issue commercial feed licenses for the sale of raw pet milk. The chart shows only those states where it is known that raw milk producers have received permits or otherwise are in compliance with the law.

The raw milk laws have changed in a number of states this past year; if there have been any other changes to state raw milk laws not shown in the chart, please contact the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund by email at [email protected] or call 703-208-3276.