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Thank you for showing your support for local farmers, artisan food producers and real food!

Whether you’re looking for an organic cotton T-shirt or baby bib, or a bumper sticker or button for a raw-milk enthusiast, or some real “food for thought” in the form of a book or DVD, the online store is full of items that spread the word of food freedom.

All proceeds benefit the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

These Organic Cotton Tees, just $15 each!
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Gov Got Your Goat?

color: Brown
sizes: Sm/Med/Lg/XL/2X
Ladies’ style
Adult style

Let others know you’re thankful for family farms and artisan food producers and are willing to help defend the right to the food of your choice from the source of your choice without government interference.

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FDA Step Away from My Plate

color: Black
sizes: Sm/Med/Lg/XL/2X
Adult style