Rep. Burke Halts Bill to Ban Raw Milk
Washington, DC—(April 10, 2014)—A proposed bill in Illinois banning the sale and distribution of natural or “raw” milk, is not going anywhere this session after legislators heard from “thousands” of natural milk proponents. The restriction, which was introduced as an amendment to an unrelated bill, would have banned the sale and distribution of raw milk in Illinois. The sponsor,  [Read more]

Judge Strikes Down Michigan Swine ISO

April 9, 2014
Michigan Swine ISO

In a victory for Michigan’s heritage breed hog farmers, Marquette County Circuit Court Judge Thomas L. Solka has ruled that both the swine Invasive Species Order (ISO) and the Declaratory Ruling (DR) issued by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) are unconstitutional. In his March 21  [Read more]

Raw Milk Education Webinar Series

April 1, 2014
Raw Milk U

Farmers and Consumers Learn about Quality Raw Milk Operations
The Farm-to-Consumer Foundation (FTCF) is proud to present Raw Milk University!
As the demand for raw milk grows, new producers are needed. Through Raw Milk University, producers of all sizes can  [Read more]

Two Federal “Raw Milk Freedom” Bills Introduced

March 27, 2014

Another Crack at the Ban
WASHINGTON, DC—(March 27, 2014)—Congressman Massie (R–KY), Chellie Pingree (D–ME) and a bipartisan coalition of 18 other lawmakers introduced legislation on March 26 to improve consumer food choices and to protect local farmers from federal interference. The two bills—the “Milk Freedom of Act of 2014” and the “Interstate Milk Freedom Act of 2014”—are the first in a series of “food freedom” bills that  [Read more]

Episode 15: Underground Dairy, Forbidden Oysters, Let Us Farm!
Reasons to Believe in FTCLDF

March 25, 2014

Episode 15 of the Food Rights Hour podcast is about the importance of preserving the right to farm sustainably. During this episode, our host, Kimberly Hartke, speaks with an underground dairy farmer; a small farm advocate, Leon La Jeunesse; the forbidden oysterman, Greg Garrett; the raw food farmer, Lee Ann Hoovey; and FTCLDF Vice President and attorney, Elizabeth Rich.  [Read more]