FTCLDF Case Updates

by gary on February 25, 2015


The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s General Counsel Gary Cox provides the rundown on the cases he’s currently handling. Everyone represented in court by FTCLDF is a member of the organization.  [Read more]

Policing Milk: A Cop’s Take on the Lake View Natural Dairy Case

February 18, 2015

The two most important roles that I hold in life are that of a husband and that of a father to two small girls. My daughters will inherit my legacy, the society we live in and the rules by which it is governed. I want to make that legacy as positive as possible. I wouldn’t label myself a raw milk advocate or a farm rights  [Read more]

Wyoming Food Freedom Act Moves Toward Passage

February 17, 2015
FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

RECLUSE, WY—(February 17, 2015)—The Wyoming Food Freedom Act [HB0056] has passed the Wyoming House of Representatives by a 60–0 vote and has cleared the Senate Agriculture Committee. The bill will now be heard by the full Senate; if passed, the bill will be sent to Governor Mead’s desk for  [Read more]

A Fight for Fowl Freedom

February 13, 2015

“If he wants farm fresh eggs, he can drive out to a farm and get them. They [chickens] are loud, they stink, and people here in O’Fallon just don’t want these animals.” That is what O’Fallon, Missouri Mayor Bill Hennessey said to a reporter in a recent interview. Those words still  [Read more]

Bayer: Standing Behind Your Doctor…and Your Farmer

February 3, 2015
Farmer And Businessman Shaking Hands

Recently PR Newswire reported, “More than half of American consumers would like to talk to a farmer even though the vast majority–94 percent–indicated in a recent survey sponsored by Bayer CropScience that they have no connection with agriculture or farming.” The article continued on to say, “Consumers trust farmers  [Read more]

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