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Thanks for visiting this page.  The membership drive gift offer is now over.
We hope you’ll become a member anyway! Use this link to join.
Thank you for your interest in and support of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund!

Let’s Dig In

Membership in the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) has its benefits including access to quality legal guidance, possible representation in court and the popular 15% discount in the shopping cart…But the true and lasting benefit of membership in FTCLDF is to join a healthy, active, thriving food freedom community that is focused on setting our out-of-whack food system straight.We’re rolling up our sleeves and diggin’ in to sow seeds of food freedom. Some of these freedoms we won’t see in our lifetime, but our children and grandchildren will. It’s up to us, and now is the time.

We can’t wait. It won’t get better if we don’t speak up, stand up and join an organization like the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund that is doing things that we as individuals can’t do/finance alone, like:

• Paying for expensive litigation to save a small farm and its community.

• Having attorneys answer Farm 911 phone calls in the wee hours of the morning.

• Suing the FDA over unfair small farm regulations.

Together We Stand, Divided We Fail

And, failure is not an option. Not when our health, the health of our families, our farms and our nation relies on it.

How will we know when it’s working?

• When small pasture-based farms make 90% of our food, rather than CAFOs.

• A world where farm-processed meats, truly free-range eggs and healthy well-nourished people are commonplace!

• When GMO is a nightmare in the past, not an ingredient in every meal.

• When folks turn to farmacies rather than pharmacies for health!

That’ll take some doing.

So, Let’s Do It!

The journey of a thousand steps, starts with one. Sow the Seeds!

Three Simple Steps

1. Sow Freedom Seeds: Join FTCLDF and get your money to work.
2. Nourish Freedom Seeds: Read the Food Rights News to help raise your awareness, see opportunities to get involved and grow your food freedom loving spirit.
3. Water Freedom Seeds: Donate, Shop, Attend FundRAISER activities (e.g. have fun! Who said activism had to be boring?)

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