Joe vs. Joel Debate of the Decade – Encore Viewings

Joe vs. Joel Debate of the Decade
Encore Viewing Here

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Debate, Dinner and Dance
held in Atlanta, November 2013.

Watch the GMO Labeling Debate of the Decade Now!

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Now you have the best ringside seat ever, as you watch the debate everyone’s talking about. Just scroll down and click on the video.

Will Joel get Joe in a headlock as he tosses down the collateral damage GMO labeling will create for farmers? Will Joe come out from his corner blazing with the latest research into GMO health hazards?

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Watch the pre-game show or jump into the debate at the 31-minute mark when David Gumpert takes the stage as referee.

Thanks to supporters of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, the Debate of the Decade—a 32-minute formal Lincoln/Douglas debate—is now available online FREE.

Two Real Food movement leaders, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Joel Salatin face off over the resolution:
Resolved that the Federal government should mandate GMO labeling on food.

Where should the GMO war be fought? Are we drawing the battle lines in the right places? Are we creating unintended consequences by our regulatory requests? Joe and Joel explore these and many other questions during their interchange.