Celebration! At Polyface – About The Event

Celebration! At Polyface

Saturday, September 7, 2013 | Polyface Farm | Swoope, Virginia

Premium Upgrade: Breakfast, 2.5-Hour Haywagon Tour and Farmstead Lunch: 8:30 am – 2:30 pm

Learn the Basics: Next Gen Walking Tour and Farmstead Lunch: 10:30 am – 2:30 pm

Make it a weekend you won’t forget! Attend two other FundRAISER events the same weekend.

About The Event

Joel SalatinBring your family, friends and favorite farmer to celebrate the mission and vision of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund as everywhere evidenced at the amazing Polyface Farm, the Virginia home of Joel and Teresa Salatin.

Joel Salatin is an ambassador for sustainable agriculture and robust direct-to-consumer farm sales. He has been featured in the bestselling Omnivore’s Dilemma and a host of documentaries such as Food Inc., Fresh, Farmageddon and most recently American Meat. He’s the author of eight books, including the internationally acclaimed Folks, This Ain’t Normal.

Real food is readily apparent at Polyface Farm, a pasture-based rotational grazing farm that serves as a model and inspiration to farmers around the world.  You’ll witness firsthand the genius of the man, the principles that guide Polyface food production and the amazing taste difference.

Caution!  Once you taste the grass-fed difference, you just won’t be able to settle for conventionally raised meats again!  All food is not made equal, and the special care, and dare we say it, LOVE that the Salatin family brings to the table will be readily apparent to your taste buds!

There are two ways to experience Polyface on this day.

Learn the Basics, in this walking tour with the next generation, Daniel Salatin, or dive in for the Premium Upgrade with an early morning breakfast, and in-depth 2 1/2 hour haywagon tour with Joel Salatin.

Both tours convene for a delicious farmstead lunch buffet with the Salatin family, interns and staff and other festivities.

Learn the Basics:

  • Walking Tour with Next Gen Farmer Daniel Salatin
  • Farmstead Lunch with the Salatin Family, Staff and Interns
  • 4 Hours of Polyface Bliss
  • Festivities:
    • Winetasting – Virginia and Organic Wines
    • Children’s Activities
    • Remarks from Special Guests – Sally Fallon Morell and more!
Premium Upgrade:

  • Early Morning Farmstead Breakfast
  • 2 ½ Hour In-depth Haywagon Tour with Joel Salatin
  • $10 Polyface Farm Store Gift Certificate
  • Farmstead Lunch with the Salatin Family, Staff and Interns
  • 6 Hours of Polyface Bliss!
  • Festivities:
    • Winetasting – Virginia and Organic Wines
    • Children’s Activities
    • Remarks from Special Guests – Sally Fallon Morell and more!


Experience the early morning magic of Polyface, with breakfast, lunch and an in-depth tour with America’s most famous farmer.

Upon arriving you’ll be served a delicious farm-fresh breakfast made with meat and eggs raised on Polyface. Then, you’ll hop aboard a haywagon for a 2 ½ hour tour guided by Joel himself!  This tour will visit all the important aspects of his farming operation.  You’ll see first-hand what Joel describes as the “Ballet on the Pasture” – salad bar beef, an ingenious pigaerator pork operation, pastured poultry – both layers and broilers – and likely pastured turkeys at that time of year.

Plan to be entertained, stretched and inspired.

Joel is engaging and humorous, and his innovative and successful work at Polyface will shake your world-view….no matter how many times you might have heard Joel or seen Polyface, folks always leave with something new to chew on….besides delicious food!

Full of fresh air and new ideas, you’ll arrive back just in time for lunch.


If you choose Learn the Basics: Next Gen Tour, you are in for a treat!  With Joel lecturing around the world, his son, and business partner, Daniel Salatin, plays a key role in the day-to-day farm operations. This apple didn’t fall far from the tree, so don’t be surprised if you get a glimpse of Daniel’s own exuberance and love for farming and innovation.  This walking tour will hit all the Polyface highlights, and will Join Joel for a short father-son segment to end the tour. Hopefully, you’ll have worked up a great appetite for lunch!


When the tours return, lunch will be served!  Our Polyface lunch is legendary.  Local farm-to-fork wizard chef Mike Lund puts on a spread you won’t believe, with everything fresh and local, including eggs, meat and poultry from the land you have just toured!

For festivities, there will be a wine-tasting with Virginia and organic wines, children’s activity table, exhibits by the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund where you can purchase a special tee from our popular line of activist wear, and last but not least Polyface Farm store sales.  Folks in the past have brought coolers to fill with goodies from the farm store, and we encourage you to do the same – Polyface believes in the principle of local distribution, so they will not ship their food.

After dessert, we’ll hear from some brief remarks from Joel and some special guests, all leaders in the food and food rights movement, including Pete Kennedy,  Esq., President, FTCLDF, Sally Fallon Morell, President, Weston A. Price Foundation, Sarah Pope, popular TheHealthyHomeEconomist.com blogger and others.

What’s the connection between the FTCLDF and Polyface?

Joel doesn’t open the farm often for large events, but he LOVES the FTCLDF!  He’s one of the folks that came up with the idea, inspired by the successes of the Home School Legal Defense Association. He’s an FTCLDF founding member and has availed himself of our legal services a time or two (or three). He affectionately calls the FTCLDF the “The Food NRA”.

Reserve your seat now!  Since this is a managed grazing operation, and our guests will be “grazing” for the day, a total of 300 guests is the capacity for this event.  Any more cars and people would affect the grazing patterns of all the Polyface critters, so register early!

Proceeds benefit all the farmer, artisan, affiliate communities and consumers of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

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