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TX May 6 ACT TODAY – Support Raw Milk in Texas – Contact Your Representative by May 7!
TX Apr 30 URGENT ACTION – Support Local Food Producers in Texas – Contact Legislators Now!
NC Apr 29 URGENT ACTION Support Raw Milk in NC – Call Your Rep Now!
USA Apr 23 Petition Congress to Stop Fast Track – Tell Congress To Vote NO on TPP!
MT Apr 20 URGENT ACTION – Contact Your MT Senator Now to Support Raw Milk!
TX Apr 18 Support Raw Milk in Texas, Attend Hearing & Contact Legislators!
MT Apr 14 ACT NOW – Contact Your MT Senator to Support Raw Milk!
WV Apr 10 ACTION ALERT – Attend WV Raw Milk Freedom Protest!
USA Apr 7 ACT NOW – Oppose Monsanto’s Dream GMO Bill!
MT Apr 7 ACT NOW – Support Raw Milk in MT – Attend Hearing & Contact Senators!
USA Apr 3 News Digest – Food Safety, Breakthrough in WY, Triumph & Loss in UT
WV Mar 26 ACT NOW – Ask WV Governor to Support Property Rights & Raw Milk!
USA Mar 25 Visit Us at Paleo f(x) in Austin TX
IL Mar 17 URGENT Action Alert – Support Raw Milk in Illinois ASAP!
USA Mar 17 News Digest – Raw Milk Bills Update, Financing Our Foodshed, Farm Freedom in MN
MO Mar 16 URGENT ACTION – Support Farm Food Freedom in MO – Use Email Petition!
UT Mar 12 URGENT ACTION – Ask Utah Senate to Support Herdshares & Property Rights!
ME Mar 11 ACT NOW – Support Raw Milk in Maine – Attend Hearing & Contact Legislators!
UT Mar 9 URGENT ACTION – Utah Herdshares & Property Rights – Contact Senate!
UT Mar 4 ACT NOW – Utah Herdshares & Property Rights – Contact House Reps!
WY Mar 3 Wyoming is the Food Freedom Capital – House Bill 56 Now Law!
NC Mar 3 Visit us at Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville NC!
UT Mar 2 URGENT ACTION – Restore Utah Property Rights & Herdshares – Committee Meets Tuesday!
WV Feb 26 URGENT ACTION NOW – Support WV Raw Milk & Use Email Petition!
USA Feb 26 News Digest – Case Updates, Policing Milk, Food Freedom Act in WY
WA Feb 25 Visit us at the NTA Conference in Vancouver WA
TX Feb 24 ACTION ALERT – Support Raw Milk in Texas & Contact Legislators!
WA Feb 24 Visit us at the NTA Conference in Vancouver WA
WY Feb 19 URGENT ACTION – Support WY Food Freedom Act & Use Email Petition!
MT Feb 19 URGENT ACTION – Support Raw Milk in Montana & Use Email Petition!
USA Feb 17 News Digest – Fowl Freedom, Bayer & Your Farmer, Ranchers in the Crosshairs
USA Feb 12 Let’s Help Get the Truth Out About Raw Milk
SD Feb 11 URGENT ACTION – Support SD Raw Milk Bill – Email Legislators!
VA Feb 10 URGENT ACTION – Contact VA Senators Now to Support Conservation Reform Act!
UT Feb 2 URGENT ACTION – Restore Herdshares in UT – Use Email Petition & Attend Hearing!
VA Jan 31 URGENT ACTIONS – VA Constitutional Amendment & Raw Milk/Home Processing Bills
WI Jan 30 Visit us at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference in La Crosse WI
USA Jan 29 News Digest – Food Sovereignty Speech, Local Food Bill, Pesticide Drift
VA Jan 27 URGENT ACTION – VA Property Rights & Transparency – Use Email Petition & Attend Hearing!
USA Jan 27 Get Your Copy of The Paleo Miracle 2: Women of Strength!
VA Jan 26 URGENT UPDATE – Attend Hearing to Support VA Constitutional Amendment!
MT Jan 24 URGENT ACTION – Support Raw Milk in Montana – Attend Hearing & Contact Legislators!
FL Jan 24 Attend Innovative Urban Farmer Tour in Florida!
VA Jan 23 URGENT ACTION – Support VA Constitutional Amendment – Contact Committee Members & Attend Hearing!
USA Jan 15 News Digest – Property Rights Dispute, Protecting Market Farmers, Rule by Bureaucratic Fiat
CA Jan 7 Fermentation Festival Featuring Sandor Katz to Benefit FTCLDF!
USA Dec 31 Let’s Start Off 2015 Strong! Help a Farmer, Fill the Fund!
USA Dec 29 Celebrate Your Food Rights with a Donation!
USA Dec 23 Are You Ready for Guilt-Free Dining? Purchase This E-Book Now to Save 30%!
USA Dec 19 Interested in Traditional Diets? Check Out this Seminar & More!
USA Dec 16 Last Chance to Win Wonder Junior Deluxe Mill & Buy Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Kit!
USA Dec 11 REMINDER: Act Now on Proposed Food Safety Regulations! Keep Small Farmers & Food Producers in Business!
USA Dec 9 The World is Our Oyster (Mushroom)–Gift or Grow Your Own!
USA Dec 6 Gift or Give Yourself a Wonder Junior Deluxe Mill & Help FTCLDF!
USA Dec 5 Keep Small Farmers & Food Producers in Business! Comment on Proposed Food Safety Regulations!
USA Dec 3 Attend Rally for States’ Rights to Label GMOs Dec. 10 in DC!
USA Dec 2 News Digest – Michigan Right to Farm Act, GMO Letter, Fast Track Authority, FSMA, Giving Tuesday & More!
USA Dec 1 Eat Out Without Guilt with Food Renegade’s Guide to Dining Out! Save $5 Today Only!
USA Nov 29 Last Chance to Get a Joel Salatin Lettuce Seed Packet–A Prized Stocking Stuffer!
USA Nov 25 There’s a Fungus Among Us!
USA Nov 21 Full Moon Feast Recap, Meet the Donors & Alaska Raffle Winner!
USA Nov 19 Tell Congress To Vote NO on Fast Track Authority for Trade Agreements!
OH Nov 19 Visit Us at Ecological Farming Conference in Columbus!
USA Nov 5 Make Someone You Love Very Happy! Last Chance to Win an Alaskan Adventure for Two!
IL Nov 4 Chicago Ride Share to Attend Raw Milk Hearing Nov. 6
USA Nov 1 Watch the Raw Milk Symposium for FREE! Plus Web Broadcast of Wise Traditions Conference Available!
IL Oct 31 Hey Midwest! Attend Local Food Buyers Exchange in Chicago!
USA Oct 30 Meet the Donors of the Feast, Silent Auction & Breakfasts plus Last Chance for Online Feast Tickets!
VA Oct 29 URGENT ACTION: Attend VA Property Rights Rally, Press Conference & Hearing or Submit Comments!
IL Oct 28 Call Illinois Governor & Attend IDPH Hearing Nov. 6
USA Oct 23 Wanna Donate a Silent Auction Item? Plus Full Moon Feast Early Bird Deadline!
TX Oct 21 Hey Texans! Attend Activism Workshop Nov 10-11 in Austin!
USA Oct 21 Is Alaska Calling You? Win an Alaskan Adventure for Two!
USA Oct 15 Three Easy Ways YOU Can Support the Fund and Have Fun!
USA Oct 10 Visit Us at Wise Traditions International Conference & Attend Our Full Moon Feast!
USA Oct 9 Are You a Lunatic Like Joel Salatin? Prove it!
USA Oct 7 Win an Alaskan Adventure for Two with Food Renegade!
PA Oct 3 Hey Pennsylvania! GMO Info Meeting in Harrisburg on Oct 6!
USA Oct 1 Who Will Win the Never a Doormat Awards at the Full Moon Feast on the Prairie?
MI Sep 30 Meet Mark Baker, Randy Buchler & More at FREE October Feast in Ann Arbor!
IN Sep 23 Attend Full Moon Feast on the Prairie & Visit Us at Wise Traditions International Conference!
MI Sep 22 Attend FREE October Feast at Bill’s Beer Garden in Ann Arbor!
IL Sep 16 Tell Illinois Department of Health to Withdraw Proposed Raw Milk Rule!
USA Sep 16 Last Chance! Online Registration Closes for 2 Authors & A Chef in Concord!
USA Sep 12 Cookbook Sampling & Signing Plus Farmageddon Screening to Benefit FTCLDF in Boston!
TX Sep 11 Hey Texas! Attend Farm & Food Leadership Conference Sept. 15-16 in Bastrop!
VA Sep 3 Hey Virginia! Honor Joel Salatin at FREE Local Food Street Fair Friday Eve!
USA Aug 29 Yum! Check Out the Food Freedom Feast!
USA Aug 27 Attend Two Authors & A Chef in Concord and Wise Traditions Conference in Boston!
USA Aug 22 Visit Us (& Joel Salatin) in Milwaukee on August 26 at Hershberger Fundraiser!
USA Aug 19 FREE Local Food Street Fair & More, Register Now and Save!
USA Aug 17 Win the Food Freedom Getaway for Two! Enter by Aug. 18!
USA Aug 16 Final Chance to Choose Your Own Donor Gift & Win a Trip Raffle Extended!
USA Aug 12 FTCLDF Conserves Your Donation Dollars for What Counts! Plus Donor Gifts Extended!
USA Aug 11 Hotel Special Rate Ends Monday, Aug. 11 for Food Freedom Fest!
USA Aug 8 12 Hours Left to Choose Your Specially Selected Donor Gift(s)!
USA Aug 7 INFO ALERT – Save Your Food! Plus Only 24 Hours Left to Get Great Donor Gifts!
USA Aug 5 Win a Trip for Two to Food Freedom Fest with Sarah Pope & Jenny McGruther!
USA Aug 4 News Digest – USDA & Submachine Guns, MO’s Amendment #1, New Drakes Bay Suit & Episode #17
MO Aug 1 Vote NO and Protect Missouri’s Small Farms
USA Aug 1 Experience Polyface Farm & Honor Joel Salatin!
USA Jul 24 Grow Your Agtivism Skills–Attend Food Freedom Fest!
USA Jul 15 INFO ALERT – Attend Farm & Food Leadership Conference Sept. 15-16 in Bastrop, Texas!
USA Jul 12 News Digest – FTCLDF 2013 Summary, Landmark Ag Bill Now Law, Food Freedom Fest & More!
USA Jul 9 INFO ALERT – New Notches on the Food Freedom Belt in FTCLDF’s 2013 Summary!
USA Jul 4 Celebrate Our Birthday & Your Food Freedom! FTCLDF Turns 7 Today!
USA Jun 28 News Digest – FDA Driving Illinois Raw Milk Regulations, Battle of Yorktown, Annual Appeal FundRAISER
USA Jun 27 New E-Book! The Tao of Paleo – A Holistic Approach to the Paleo Lifestyle!
USA Jun 18 INFO ALERT – Protect Your Backyard Garden from Zoning Pests!
VA Jun 17 URGENT ALERT: York County Board Voting to Strip Farming Rights
USA Jun 12 Info Alert – Be Our BFFF! (Best Friend of Farmers and FTCLDF)
MO Jun 3 Info Alert – Visit Us at the Grassfed Exchange Conference Jul. 30-Aug. 1 in Missouri!
USA Jun 2 Info Alert – Find Real Food Mobile App + Wise Traditions Regional Conference!
USA May 31 News Digest – LA Lakers Eat Grass-Fed, Unacceptable Levels Film & Facebook Notifications
USA May 15 REMINDER to Play It Forward: Rent Unacceptable Levels to Help FTCLDF and Learn About Toxins!
MI May 14 Uphold the Michigan Right to Farm Act Now!
VA May 12 Attend VA Pitchfork Protest Rally on May 14 to Support Farmers’ Rights!
USA May 8 Play It Forward: View Unacceptable Levels and Learn What FTCLDF and You Can Do About Toxins!
USA May 6 Act Today! Speak Up for Raw Milk Freedom – May 6!
USA May 3 News Digest – Raw Milk Day of Action, Indiana Poultry/Eggs, Brown Case to Supreme Court, Episode 16 & more!
USA Apr 30 Introducing Buchi Sovereign Kombucha to Benefit FTCLDF!
MN Apr 28 Minnesota Raw Dairy Petition – Please Sign Now!
USA Apr 25 Last Chance! Shop for Mother’s Day at 5th Annual Pampered Chef FundRAISER!
USA Apr 24 Listen to the Food Rights Hour Podcast Episode 16: Protecting Local Foods
VT Apr 23 URGENT Action – Calls Needed NOW – Raw Milk Delivery Bill in Vermont!
USA Apr 17 Enter to Win an 8-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set for FREE!
USA Apr 15 INFO ALERT – Shop the 5th Annual Pampered Chef FundRAISER in Time for Mother’s Day!
USA Apr 12 News Digest – Illinois Raw Milk Threat Abated, MI Swine ISO Struck Down, April Webinars, Membership Drive Recap!
CA Apr 8 URGENT ALERT: Act Now – CA Ag Cmte Hearing on “Farm to Fridge” Raw Milk Bill (AB 2505) on April 9!
CA Apr 4 Tell CA Ag Committee to Support “Farm to Fridge” Raw Milk
USA Apr 3 INFO ALERT – Interested in Raw Milk Production? Sign Up for Raw Milk University’s Webinar Series!
IL Apr 2 Illinois Raw Milk Survey – Please Complete ASAP
USA Mar 29 News Digest – Federal Raw Milk Bills Introduced, Podcast Ep. #15, New Member Reminder!
IL Mar 28 URGENT Action – Calls Needed Now – Raw Milk Ban in Illinois!
USA Mar 28 INFO ALERT – Last Chance! Join FTCLDF Today for Your Free Gift!
USA Mar 27 INFO ALERT – Join Joel Salatin & Become a Member of FTCLDF! Free Gifts Thru Midnight Friday!
IL Mar 25 URGENT Action Alert – Oppose Ban on Raw Milk in Illinois ASAP!
USA Mar 25 Listen to the Food Rights Hour Podcast Episode 15: Underground Dairy, Forbidden Oysters, Let Us Farm!
USA Mar 22 News Digest – Farm Bill Victories, Precedent-Setting Ag Bill plus Join FTCLDF Today for Choice of Gift!
MI Mar 19 Speak Up About The Michigan Right to Farm Act by March 20 at 9 AM!
USA Mar 18 INFO ALERT – Join Us in Sowing Seeds of Food Freedom and Choose Your Gift!
VA Mar 12 UPDATE: VA SB51 Signed Into Law! Sign Petition to Thank Supporters!
USA Mar 6 Listen to the Food Rights Hour Podcast Episode 14: Food Buying Clubs + WAPF Regional Early Bird Extended!
USA Mar 3 Last Chance to Comment to USDA on “Agent Orange” Crops & GMO Contamination!
USA Mar 3 News Digest – Baker’s Pigs Now Legal, GMO Comments to USDA, Podcast 14, WAPF Regional!
USA Feb 27 Info Alert – Attend WAPF Regional and FREE Farmageddon Screening in Houston – Early Bird Ends Feb. 28!
USA Feb 25 Tell USDA to Protect GMO-Free Producers by March 4!
VA Feb 25 VA Senate Committee HB1089 Vote on Feb. 27 – Sign Revised Petition & Call Senators!
IN Feb 19 Indiana SB 179 – House Committee Hearing 8:30 a.m. Thurs Feb 20
GA Feb 18 GA Raw Milk Bill – Sign Petition for House Cmte – Hearing 8 a.m. Wed. Feb 19
USA Feb 13 Discount Code AFS49 – Ancestral Food Summit on SALE Now – Just $49! ends 2-14-14
USA Feb 11 News Digest – Tell USDA to Reject GMO Corn and Soybean Seeds, SD Raw Milk Bill & SALE on Ancestral Food Summit!
USA Feb 7 Tell USDA to Reject “Agent Orange” GMO Corn and Soy by February 24!
SD Feb 4 SD Raw Milk Bill – Sign Petition & Attend Senate Hearing Friday Feb. 7!
VA Jan 31 URGENT ACTION: VA Senate SB51 Vote on Feb. 4 – Sign Revised Petition & Call Senators!
VA Jan 30 Sign Revised Petition for Committee Hearing Jan. 31!
VA Jan 29 VA Zoning Bill HB1089 – Sign Petition & Attend House Hearing Thursday Jan. 30 morning!
USA Jan 28 Listen to the Food Rights Hour Podcast Episode 13: Food Safety Modernization Act
VA Jan 27 Support the On-Farm Activities Bill in the Senate on Thursday Jan. 30 in Richmond!
MD Jan 24 MD Cow-Share Bill – Sign Petition & Attend Hearing Tuesday Jan. 28!
USA Jan 21 New Webinar Series & FREE Health Summit Plus TPP Fast Track, FSMA Podcast, Farm Bill Concerns & Gains in VA
USA Jan 20 Tell Congress To Do Its Job and Vote No on TPP Trade Agreement!
IN Jan 20 Tell your IN Senator to Vote for SB 179 Now!
MI Jan 20 Speak Up About The Michigan Right to Farm Act by January 22!
VA Jan 17 Support the New On-Farm Activities Bill on Monday, Jan. 20 in Virginia!
VA Jan 16 Support The Food Freedom Act in Virginia Now!
OH Jan 13 Join Fellow GE-Labeling Advocates in Ohio! RSVP by Jan. 14
USA Jan 13 Sign Up Now for FREE Access to New Year New You Summit!
USA Jan 8 Take Action Now on the Farm Bill
USA Dec 31 Celebrating Food Rights from Virginia to Slovenia & Last Chance to Donate!
USA Dec 27 Protect Farmers & Make Your Year-End Tax-Deductible Donation for Public Interest Litigation
USA Dec 18 Give the Gift (Membership) That Keeps On Giving
USA Dec 16 Time is Ticking – Tell USDA to Keep Apples GMO-free by Midnight Tonight!
USA Dec 16 Last Chance to Win a Trip to Cooking School with Food Renegade in Colorado!
MA Dec 12 MA Raw Milk – Attend Rescheduled Hearing on Dec. 16 & Write Emails
USA Dec 9 Keep Apples GMO-free, Episode #12 Podcast & Judge Dismisses Charges
USA Dec 6 Tell USDA to Keep Apples GMO-free by December 16!
MA Nov 22 Massachusetts Raw Milk – Attend Hearing Monday, Nov. 25 & Write Letters
USA Oct 30 Tell Congress to Rein in FDA Now & Comment on Proposed FSMA Regulations by Nov. 15th
SD Oct 8 Reminder – South Dakota Raw Milk Still in Jeopardy: Oct 8 Meeting & Comments to SDDA
USA Sep 23 Comment Deadline Midnight 9/23/13 – Pastured Egg Farms at Risk
VA Sep 4 Seeking Input from Farmers & Attend On-Farm Activities Working Group Meeting in Virginia
SD Aug 17 South Dakotans Raw Milk in Jeopardy, Attend Aug 20 Meeting & Contact LRRC Members
SD Jul 25 South Dakota Reminder – Attend Important Meeting 7/26 & Send Comments by 8/5
MI Jul 10 Preserve Heritage Hog Breeds & Support Mark Baker in Michigan This Friday 7/12
USA Jun 27 Comment by July 1, 2013 – Tell EPA to LOWER Glyphosate Levels – Protect our health not boost Monsanto profits
USA Jun 19 Act Now – Farm Bill in House, Online Petition to U.S. Representatives
SD Jun 12 ATTENTION Raw Milk / Food Freedom Advocates
USA Jun 5 Tell Senators to Support Farm Bill Amendments for small farmers, non-GMO ag and food freedom
USA Jun 4 Petition Support Non-GMOs, Farmer Freedom & Consumer Choice in Farm Bill
USA May 23 Support Non-GMOs, Farmer Freedom & Consumer Choice in Farm Bill
ME May 14 POSTPONED Sentencing Hearing for Dan Brown – Thanks for Supporting Food Sovereignty
ME May 14 Support Food Sovereignty in Maine – Attend Sentencing Hearing for Dan Brown on May 16
IL Apr 30 REMINDER for Illinois – Take Action Now, Contact IDPH
TX Apr 17 Protect Small Texas Farmers & Backyard Poultry Owners
USA Apr 16 Keep Aspartame Out of Milk or Require Labeling!
MO Apr 8 Stop Missouri’s Monsanto Protection Act
MT Apr 6 Support Montana HB 574 for Raw Milk – Hearing Tuesday, April 9 at 3 p.m.
AK Apr 3 URGENT Support Arkansas HB 1536 for Raw Milk – Hearing April 5
IL Mar 28 Tell IDPH to Leave the Raw Milk Law the Way It Is in Illinois
USA Mar 14 URGENT GMO Alert – Tell your Senator to Vote YES on Tester Amendments TODAY!
MT Feb 27 Support Montana Raw Milk – Attend Hearing Thursday, March 7
NM Feb 27 URGENT Stop Anti-Raw Milk Bill SB 286 in New Mexico – Committee Meeting Feb. 28
TX Feb 25 Raw Milk & Permit Fee Bills – Hearing Wed, Feb 27 at Texas Capitol
TX Feb 14 Raw Milk Drop Point Busted in Texas – Help Us Change the Law!
MD Feb 13 Ask MD Delegates to Support HB 502
USA Feb 6 Tell Your Senators to Support House Bill 1430
NM Jan 30 Oppose Anti-Raw Milk Bill in New Mexico
WY Jan 29 Support Wyoming Food Freedom – HB 108
VA Jan 29 URGENT – Tomorrow Full Committee Debates Boneta Bill, HB 1430, on Jan. 30 Wed. 8:30 am
USA Jan 24 Tell FDA to Halt Approval of GE Salmon!
VA Jan 23 Support Freedom and Opportunity for Farmers and Producers
TX Dec 17 Support Raw Milk Access in Texas
MI Dec 7 Protect the Right to Farm, Act while there’s time
USA/CA Dec 4 Tell Congress to Dump Monsanto Rider
USA/CA Nov 2 Turning the Tide on Prop 37 – Home Stretch on Labeling GMOs
USA/CA Oct 27 kNOw GMOs – Voting YES for Prop 37 – National Concern (& espanol links)
CA Oct 2 Label GMOs! Your Right to Know What’s in Your Food
USA Sep 12 Occupy Monsanto against GMOs – conference & action nationwide
MN Sep 12 Stand Up for Freedom – Criminal Trial for Peaceful Farmer Alvin Schlangen
USA Sep 6 Stop Agent Orange Soy & GMO Apples!
IN Aug 15 Participate in Virtual Public Hearing on Raw Milk
USA Jul 25 Tell Congress not to let Agribusiness write its own rules
USA Jul 10 Fight GMOs & Support Local Meat in Farm Bill
WI Jul 9 Rally for Hershberger, Hearing July 11
USA Jun 15 Protect family farms & ranches, Stop Animal ID regulations
USA Jun 14 Support Raw Milk Freedom & non-GMO Seed Now!
WY May 23 Wyoming Food Freedom – Stop Dept. of Ag from Stealing Your Rights
MN May 12 Reminder – Support for Schlangen & Food Freedom in MN
CA May 7 Drop the Money Bomb on GMOs – Please Donate before May 26
MI Apr 10 Stop Michigan DNR Power Grab
USA Mar 22 Tell FDA to Label GMOs
MN Mar 07 Minnesota Needs Calls to Support Raw Milk – Deadline is March 10
USA Mar 01 Nationwide Support for Hershberger
USA Feb 22 Support Raw Milk Freedom Now!
IA Feb 11 Iowa Needs Calls to Support Raw Milk – Hearing Monday, Feb 13
KY Feb 9 KY Bill SB47 Slated for Vote Today! Feb 9, 2012
KY Feb 2 Raw Milk – Support KY Bill SB47 – Sign Petition & Spread the Word
NJ Feb 2 NJ Raw Milk Bill Hearing Tomorrow, Thursday Feb 2 at 2pm
KY Jan 31 Raw Milk – Support Kentucky Livestock Share Bill – Senate Voting
IN Jan 31 Surprise IN Raw Milk Bill – Ask Senators to Vote YES Today!
USA Jan 19 Urge your Rep to Protect Raw Milk!
WI Jan 9 Rally & Hershberger Hearing in Wisconsin, Jan 11
NJ Dec 12 NJ Raw Milk Bill Hearing Monday, Dec 12
USA Nov 17 Protect our farms from new Animal ID regulations
USA Sept 28 Support Food Freedom Now!
CA Aug 4 Rawesome Raid Protest Rally in L.A. Aug. 4
PA June 22 Protect Raw Milk & Local Foods
MA June 13 MA Raw Milk Bill Hearing Tues, June 14
TX May 26 Calls Needed to Help Local Foods in Texas!
USA May 10 Rally for Food & Farm Freedom in D.C. May 16, 10a-1p Mon.
TX Apr 14 Texas Raw Milk and Local Foods Bills Set for Hearing
WI Apr 12 Raw Milk Day at the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin
MN Apr 4 Urgent Action Alert for Minnesota Raw Milk Bill
WI Apr 1 Call Your Senators and Legislators Urge Them to Co-Sponsor the Raw Milk Bill
TX Mar 31 Call Your Texas Legislators to Support Raw Milk!
MN Feb 13 MN Raw Milk Bills Under Attack Urgent Request for All Minnesotans
MO Jan 10 Morningland Dairy Trial Set for January 11 & 12
USA Dec 20 S.510 now H.R. 2751 – Tell Reps to Vote “NO”…
USA Dec 9 S.510 now H.R. 3082 – Tell Your Senators to Vote “NO”…
USA Dec 7 S.510 – Tell Your Representative to Oppose…
USA Nov 19 CALL Your SENATORS ASAP – Implore Them to Oppose S.510
USA Nov 16 URGENT S.510 Alert – Vote NO on Cloture
USA Nov 15 Stop S.510
MO & WA Nov 9 Cheesemakers Under Attack
MO Oct 22 Support Morningland Dairy: Help stop destruction of raw cheese inventory
PA Oct 4 Stop PA Proposed Regulations
USA Aug 14 USDA Public Meetings on Animal Disease Traceability
USA June 23 USDA Dietary Guidelines for 2010
USA June 15 USDA Has Announced Two More Public Meeting on its Animal Traceability Framework
NE June 11 Northeast Raw Milk Symposium and Fundraiser: August 12-13
WI May 17 Rally in Madison, Wisconsin to Insist that Governor Doyle signs the Raw Milk Bill
VT May 10 Ask Your State Senator to Support S295
MA May 7 Healthy Raw Milk! OCA Takes a Stand in Massachusetts
USA Apr 30 USDA to Hold Public Meetings on Animal ID
WI Apr 26 Call Gov. Doyle to sign Raw Milk Bill into Law
USA Apr 26 FDA Steps Up Enforcement Against Raw Milk
USA Apr 25 The National Organic Standards Board is being bullied by the United Egg Producers
WI Apr 20 Wisconsin Raw Milk Activist Wins Important Court Victory
MA Apr 15 MA Raw Milk Farms Threatened as State Moves to Make Buying Clubs Illegal
USA Apr 6 Act Now to Legalize Raising Domestic Muscovy Ducks
WI March 25 WI Assembly Committee Vote
USA Mar 1 Register Now – 2nd Annual Int’l Raw Milk Symposium – April 10, 2010 – Madison, Wisconsin
FL Feb 26 Florida Food Freedom Act
WY Feb 12 Wyoming Food Freedom Act – HB 54 – Opportunity to expand raw milk sales
USA Feb 09 USDA Announces New Framework For Animal Traceability!
USA Feb 09 Stop Genetically Engineered Alfalfa!
USA Jan 25 Contact the White House – Don’t Let Lobbyists Weaken New Organic Dairy Standards
USA Jan 7 Senate Food Safety Bill
MA Dec 16 Raw Milk Hearing in Framingham, MA, This Wednesday, December 16
WI Dec 10 Raw Milk Bill Introduced in Wisconsin
WI Nov 23 WI Raw Milk Bill LRB 3242-3
SD Nov 21 SDDA Proposes Rules to Create Defacto Ban on Raw Milk Sales in South Dakota
USA Nov 18 Senate Food Safety Bill Moving Forward. Call NOW!
USA Nov 10 FTCLDF Alert about Senate Food Safety Bill
OH Nov 02 FTCLDF Action Alert for Ohioans – Don’t be deceived, Issue 2 Not as Good as it Sounds
USA Oct 30 Senate Food Safety Bill
WI Sep 22 Bias and Inaccuracies in Wisconsin Reports on Raw Milk Illness
PA Aug 31 PA Raw Milk Action Alert!
USA Aug 12 Meet with your Senators at the District Offices to Discuss Food Safety!
USA Aug 3 HR2749 Passes House
USA July 30 HR2749 Passes House
USA July 30 HR2749 Fails to Pass but is up for Vote Again Today!
USA July 29 Senate voting on NAIS funding
USA July 29 Food Safety Bill Heading for a Vote
USA July 29 Message to Waxman: Don’t Rush Food Safety Measure
USA July 27 Contact Your Representative – HR 2749 House Vote on Tuesday!
USA June 26 HR2749 Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 Update
USA June 18 HR 2749 Action Alert – 061709 Hearing Update
NV June 17 Raw Milk Petition, Commission & Meeting
USA June 16 New Food Safety Bill HR2749
USA June 9 Meeting Locations for NAIS Listening Sessions
USA May 29 Farmers and Consumers Tell USDA “No NAIS!”  Add Your Voice!
USA May 21 NAIS Listening Session Action Alert!
USA May 6 USDA Announces Location for Listening Sessions on NAIS!
USA Mar 28 Flawed Food Safety Bills in Congress
USA Mar 27 NICFA – Farm Food Voices
MD Mar 24 HB 1542 A bill creating opportunity for Maryland egg producers
MD Mar 17 HB 1080 Fresh Milk Hearing
USA Mar 16 Flawed Food Safety Bills in Congress
USA Mar 4 NAIS Congressional Action Alert
USA Mar 3 NAIS in Appropriations Bill
VA Feb 16 Potential Help With Scrapie Regs!!
USA Feb 13 Animal Owners and Taxpayers NAIS Alert!  Protect your right to farm and the food supply!
MD Feb 13 Contact the committee members immediately to express your support of HB1080
CT Feb 5 Connecticut Raw Milk Hearing Feb. 9
USA Feb 6 HR 778 Raw Milk Bill Needs Co-Sponsors
VA Jan 22. URGENT – ILL HJ731 – Scrapie Regulations
CT Jan 20 Action Alert: Raw Milk Threatened
Jan 14 MD – MICFA Lobby & Legislative Brunch – January 21, 2009
Nov 21 Scrapie Bill Vote December 1
Oct 17 HOT Legal Issues – Raw Milk, NAIS and Direct Sales
Oct 9 Legislators on the Farm Day, October 18
Sep 27 Scrapie Action Update Governor’s Response
Sep 24 Final calls AND FAXES to the Governor’s Capitol and District Offices needed now!
Sep 23 Consumer Alert: New Irradiation Symbol
Sep 19 Pennsylvania Action Alert with Contact Information
Sep 14 Scrapie Regulations Suspension Consent Needs Governor to Concur
Sep 08 NAIS Virginia Scrapie Regs Effective October 3 — Unless Blocked
Aug 28 SB 201 Heads to Senate Floor
May 22 Update on Anti-NAIS Bill in Illinois
Jan 10 Missouri Raw Milk Bill
Dec 27 AB1735 Update
Dec 21 Meadowsweet Dairy Update
Dec 07 California Raw Milk : Action Alert: Immediate Action Needed to Stop AB1735
Dec 4 AB1735 Update
Nov 29 Pennsylvania Dairy Label Ruling Shelved
Oct 24 Urgent Alert: Call the Senate Agriculture Committee IMMEDIATELY

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